Client Feedback

“Someone heard about my unique case and sent me to you. She said you saved her kids.”

“The whole family is overwhelmed on how you have been on top of this and extremely grateful you are on board. You provide a top notch service.”

“I wish I had you from the beginning. Hind sight… Glad I have you now.”

“Results; period. Arguably the most competent, professional, understanding Attorney in Massachusetts…Let’s be honest, no one really wants to hire an attorney but in my opinion that’s not the way you feel that Tasha works. You feel like you have brought on a team member who will fight for what is right and she is, without a doubt, the person you want standing beside you when it counts.”

“I think you are a terrific attorney, you did an amazing job for me, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a lawyer…I should finally be regaining custody of my daughter after 4 years, because you were there with me that day.”

“You are an up and coming force. You do a great job. You can count on my referrals. Remember us when you’re famous…”

“Tasha is a zealous advocate for her clients. She focuses on details of cases while projecting future needs of her clients. Her hard work and dedication to the law is seen by all her colleagues. She is truly a talented attorney who gives her utmost to clients.”

“I love my “pit bull,” you go girl! …That’s why you are such a good attorney. You are a fighter with a gentle side.”

“Tasha assisted me and my family during a very trying time when my mother was in a nursing home. She was thoughtful, professional, understood our issues and assisted us in resolving them. She has also assisted me with a conservatorship for my disabled son…She assisted me in a modification of my divorce and made sure that my side was represented fairly and professionally with a satisfactory resolution. I have also recommended her to people to assist them in hearings with Developmental Disability Services when they were refused services. I highly recommend her and would definitely hire her again. She definitely, at least for me, has done it all! Thank you.”

“You truly are an amazing attorney, and more important an incredible and compassionate person…Thank you for everything.”

“Tasha looks beyond the obvious and works diligently to be sure that her clients are represented and protected as well as possible. Her level of detail in gathering information and preparation gives her an insight and advantage over many of her colleagues.”

“I hired Tasha Buzzell as my divorce attorney. I could not have had a better person working for and with me. Her responses to all my questions were clearly explained and answered in a very prompt manner. I felt that I knew what was going on, and what was to happen at all times. I had complete confidence in her. I was more than pleased with the results of her work. Not only is Tasha an excellent attorney, but she is a wonderful and understanding person as well. Divorce is not fun, but having her to guide me through it, listen to every one of my concerns, and even throw in a bit of humor, made it not as bad! I would HIGHLY recommend her!”

“When my world came tumbling down around me, Tasha was there. Not only did she help me navigate the legal system, but she provided resources and advice…I could not have gotten through it without her. Tasha really is amazing and I recommend her without reservation.”

“Going through a divorce when kids are involved is the worst thing to go through, but having a lawyer like Tasha on my side, took the worry of having someone that would be there for me through a tough child custody case, especially being a man and already having the court system against you. She chose her words very carefully and was extremely knowledgeable about all fasts of the court system. She got right back to me when I called her, which when you are going through this type of thing, having someone answer you when you are in a state of worry makes all the difference. She deserves to have her name known as being one of the best, most understanding, and competent lawyers in Massachusetts.”

“Tasha has been fantastic. When I first consulted with her…I was just exploring the possibility of divorce, and learning about what’s involved. She explained everything fully, and I never felt pressured to make any type of decision. Several months later, when I did indeed need her services, she was right there in a flash for me. I’m a single father now, and without her help, I probably wouldn’t still have custody of my girls. I couldn’t thank her enough, and my daughters are in a much better position for life now, thanks to her hard work and dedication to my case.”

“I recently attended an interactive workshop presented by Tasha Buzzell. The topic was estate drafting for families of children with special-needs. It was eye opening to say the least! While Tasha is extremely knowledgeable in the area, she did not come across as intimidating. Tasha approached this delicate subject with sensitivity to all the families involved. She came across as genuinely concerned with educating these families on preparing for the long-term needs of their children. Her warm demeanor meant that everyone present felt comfortable opening up with discussions and questions. I found this interactive approach to the topic to be extremely beneficial. This was not an area I was very familiar with and I appreciated being able to jump in with questions as they came along, rather than having to wait until the end. Thanks to Tasha, I feel much more prepared on the steps needed to ensure a secure, long-term plan for my son with special-needs.”

“Just writing to say [my daughter] and my relationship has gotten extremely strong over the past few months and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me achieve that extra time with her. I love being a dad.”

Your individual results will vary based upon the unique facts of your matter.

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