Case Examples


  • Issue: A former spouse brought a contempt charge against our client. After reviewing the case, it became clear that the former spouse was intentionally alienating the children from our client. We brought a contempt against the former spouse for alienation and non-compliance with the parenting plan. The former spouse opposed the alienation claim and made additional claims about our client, saying that our client had been physically abusive.
  • Result: The Court appointed a Guardian ad Litem.  Our client was found not to be in contempt of the charges claimed by the former spouse, and our client’s visits with the children were restored by the Court (including extended vacations).


  • Issue: Our client was defending against a former spouse seeking custody of their children. A Guardian ad Litem investigation was conducted, and our client kept custody of the children while the former spouse’s time with the children was reduced. Years later the former spouse filed another modification asking for custody of the children.
  • Result: Part of the way way through trial, the former spouse asked to settle the case.  Our client retains custody of the children.


  • Issue: Elder Services wanted to remove an elderly parent from the home of our client and was alleging various types of abuse. Elder Services also wanted to move the parent into a nursing home.  Our client wanted the parent to remain at home, where the client would continue to provide care.
  • Result: We successfully discredited the claims made by Elder Services and convinced the Court to honor our client’s wishes.  The elder parent remained at home while receiving care from our client. The Court dismissed Elder Services’ case and issued a judgment for our client.


  • Issue: Our client and our client’s spouse were being investigated for abuse of our client’s children. There were three (3) separate cases here: 1) We represented our client in the criminal setting, which included local and state police investigations regarding the abuse and obtaining a restraining order for our client; 2) We represented our client in Juvenile Court, which involved a Care & Protection case in which the Department of Children and Families sought custody of the children; 3) We represented our client in Probate and Family Court in a divorce on the grounds of cruel and abusive treatment and restraining orders on behalf of the children by the client.
  • Result: Our client was not charged with child abuse or neglect, and our client was awarded sole legal and physical custody of the children by the Juvenile Court and Probate and Family Court.

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