Guardian Ad Litem

As a Guardian ad Litem (“GAL”), Attorney Tasha Buzzell accepts court appointments from judges in Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth Counties.  She is appointed as a Category F GAL in domestic relations and/or custody matters and may investigate and report back to the Court on issues such as custody, domestic violence, mental health, parenting plan(s), substance abuse/alcohol abuse, removal (out-of-state and international), necessity of guardianship, ability of parents to meet a child’s particular needs or special needs, and other topics.  At the end of a GAL investigation, Attorney Buzzell is required to file a report with the Court that is available to the parties and the Court for review; recommendations for how to resolve the case may also be required by the Court and filed by Attorney Buzzell.  If you are a party to a GAL action, please contact the office to schedule your first appointment.  Attorney Buzzell accepts both private pay appointments and Commonwealth Pay appointments.

Attorney Buzzell also acts as a Guardian ad Litem for incapacitated individuals involved in divorces in Bristol County.  In this role, she acts in place of the person who is incapacitated (to the extent necessary, based on the person’s individual capacity) and acts to protect the person’s interests in the divorce process.

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