Child Custody, Paternity and Child Support

Child custody cases are among the most highly contested cases we handle. The following is a list of custody issues frequently handled by our office.

  • Paternity cases, non-marital children
  • Visitation, parenting plans, physical custody
  • Legal custody, information sharing, joint decision making
  • Parental alienation, lack of communication, manipulation
  • Mental health issues experienced by parents or children, mental health evaluations, obtaining appropriate treatment and/or authorization to obtain treatment
  • Special education, special needs (emotional, cognitive, sensory, physical), 504 plans, IEPs
  • Child support, extracurricular expenses, college costs
  • Cases involved Guardians ad Litem
  • Domestic violence and other forms of abuse
  • Child abuse, child neglect, child removed from the home
  • Juvenile Court Care and Protection cases, DCF involvement, DCF service plans
  • Blended families, grandparent visitation, family guardianship arrangements
  • Guardianships of minors (a non-parent third party having temporary or permanent custody of a minor)
  • Changes to parenting plans as children age and schedules change
  • Removal of child(ren) from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Child support arrearages, contempts, capias, potential incarceration, wage garnishment

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