“In what was the most difficult transition in my life thus far (divorce), Tasha was a professional, fair, and completely impartial mediator who knew when to push for progress and also when to sit back and listen.”

Attorney Tasha Buzzell acts as a mediator in a range of family law cases from simple negotiation of a divorce that is almost settled to highly contested and complicated child custody situations.  Picking a mediator is important in determining whether mediation will work for your situation.  Every mediator has his or her own style, and Attorney Buzzell’s style is very hands on and determined to get the parties talking, exchanging information, and working together to a resolution that they create.  From how to handle the valuation of a family business to when to introduce a new significant other, from dividing extensive debt or extensive assets, she has handled it.  Her unique approach has resolved every case handled thus far, with the exception of an isolated issue in a single case.  Attorney Buzzell explains the disclosures the court expects parties in a divorce to make to each other, the various factors the court looks at in a case, and all of the groundwork necessary to explain to the parties that the distrust that often accompanies a divorce can be worked through with carefully managed and assisted discussion and information exchanges.  Attorney Buzzell is often appointed as a conciliator by the Bristol County Probate and Family Court for highly contested cases and has a track record of bringing parties to resolution, even one day prior to a long-awaited trial.

Mediation is worthwhile for parties for many reasons.  The cost is often far less than protracted litigation.  The emotional toll is less, both because the parties have the opportunity to vent to each other and get the anger on the table, and also because they are the ones making the decisions about their finances and children rather than the Courts.  The time for resolving an issue is much shorter, rather than waiting for court dates and decisions from the Judge, and can be as quick as the parties can cooperate to make happen.

With a keen eye towards what the roadblock is, Attorney Buzzell guides mediation clients to resolutions that they create.  Once the parties have reached an agreement, Attorney Buzzell will draft their agreement so they can meet with their own attorneys for review or go directly to the Court to have it approved.

No retainer is required for mediation services.  Each time the parties meet with the attorney, they pay for the time used for that session.  The final agreement must be paid for before being provided to the parties.

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